7 sympathies to know what will be the baby: boy or girl? Check!

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Jennifer Sherman

What is for sympathies to know what will be the baby

There are many joys when a woman discovers a pregnancy. One of the first questions that everyone asks is what the sex of the baby. Some mothers prefer the surprise and wait until the birth to find out, but other mothers do everything to know if the baby will be a girl or boy.

Besides the traditional exams that confirm the sex of the baby, there are several sympathies that promise to reveal if the baby is a boy or a girl. These sympathies are indicated in the first weeks of pregnancy, when it is still not possible to recognize the sex of the baby through exams.

All of them are widespread and are accessible for you to perform in your own home. Just follow the recommendations explained here and you can figure out what the baby will be by following a few steps.

The sympathies are also a fun activity to do with the family and the father of the child, since everyone will be eager to know. Read on and discover the 7 most famous sympathies to find out the sex of your baby!

Sympathy to know what will be the baby with spoon and fork

One of the most famous sympathies is the spoon and fork. This sympathy is simple and should be done without the pregnant woman knowing about the process. Therefore, it is recommended that someone in the family take the initiative so that the pregnant woman's intentions do not negatively influence the result. Follow now the guidelines to perform this sympathy!


This sympathy is indicated for when relatives or the father of the child want to know the sex of the child. As the pregnant woman can not know the process, if she wants to do the sympathy, it is very important that she does not know when you will perform the process.

Therefore, you should as much as possible avoid the interference of the pregnant woman, if she knows what is happening can reflect directly on the final result of the sympathy. Soon, you can be wrong about the sex of the baby.


To make this sympathy just separate the items listed below:

- Two pillows;

- A fork;

- A spoon.

How to do

The first step to perform this charm is to hide the spoon and fork under different pillows. Then, you must call the pregnant woman and ask her to choose where to sit. If the pregnant woman chooses the pillow where the spoon is, the baby is a girl.

However, if the mother chooses the pillow with the fork, the baby will be a boy. However, if the mother chooses the pillow with the fork, the baby will be a boy. A variation of this charm uses two scissors to find out the sex of the baby.

On one cushion place an open pair of scissors, which will signal the female baby. And on the other cushion place the closed scissors, which warns of the arrival of a boy to the family.

Sympathy to know what will be the baby with chicken heart

You can find out what the baby will be using also a chicken heart. This sympathy is very simple and practical, you only need to follow some indications so that the result is not false. Follow the text and find out how to do the sympathy with chicken heart!


It is important that this sympathy is performed above the 3 months of the gestation period, when the fetus is already formed. There is a belief that using the heart of the chicken in this ritual may affect your pregnancy.

Another important detail is the heart of the chicken, the fresher it is, the better the chances of this charm working. So, perform the charm as soon as you buy it!


To perform this sympathy you will only need the following ingredients:

- Water;

- Pan;

- Knife;

- Chicken heart.

How to do

Place the pot of water on the fire, then take the chicken heart and make a small cut in the middle of it with a knife. After making the cut, place it in the water to boil. If the cut in the heart is more open, the baby will be a girl, if it is with the same opening, or smaller, he will be a boy.

Sympathy to know what will be the baby with alliance

This is the kind of sympathy common among couples, because the wedding ring is a mandatory component for its realization. The sympathy to know what will be the baby with ring uses a technique very similar to the radiesthesia, being able to guess the sex of the baby with few elements. Follow the process to find out!


To perform the procedures of the sympathy with the ring is necessary to follow some recommendations. First the pregnant woman must lie down with her belly up. Then, it must be removed any type of metal object near you, leaving only the ring or the chain that will be used in the sympathy.


There are several ways to perform the ring sympathy. The traditional version of it uses a pregnant woman's hair, but you can also perform the sympathy with a chain. Another variation already used is using a needle with thread, instead of the ring.

How to do

It is very simple, you must tie your wedding ring to your hair, preferably a long hair so that it forms a kind of pendulum. Then, the pregnant woman must lie down with her belly up. There is no problem if she is in the first months of pregnancy.

Then, you should hold the improvised pendulum above the belly, watch the movement of the ring depending on the direction of movement you will know what will be your baby. If the ring moves in a straight line, ie back and forth, the child will be a boy. If the ring makes a circular motion, it will be a girl.

Sympathy to know what will be the baby with purple cabbage

The purple cabbage will serve as an indicator of the sex of your baby. From its properties capable of indicating whether a solution is acidic or basic, you will be able to know what sex the baby is by observing this reaction. Learn how to perform the charm to know what will be the baby with purple cabbage below!


For you to get a favorable result in this sympathy with purple cabbage, you need to do the test after a fast of 12 hours. For, you will use your urine in this process and it needs to be clean of any substance that can interfere with the result.

In addition, the purple cabbage that will be used needs to be fresh. That way it will have a higher concentration of anthocyanins. This is the substance that has the pH measuring properties.


The ingredients needed to perform the sympathy and find out what the baby will be are listed below:

- Purple cabbage;

- 1 pan;

- Water;

- A little urine;

- 1 plastic cup.

How to do

To perform this sympathy you will first need to cut the cabbage into large pieces. Then you just need to put it in the pot with water and turn on the fire. Leave it there until the water starts boiling, after the solution is ready wait another 10 minutes of soaking until it cools down.

Take the urine from the pregnant woman that you had separated after fasting, place it in the plastic cup and then mix the purple cabbage solution that you had prepared. Mix the substances until it changes color. If the color of the liquid turns red or pink, it means that a boy is coming. If the liquid has turned purple or violet, she will be a girl.

Sympathy to know what will be the baby by the Chinese table

The sympathy to know what will be the baby by the Chinese table is millennial. Being found in the tombs of the Chinese royal family, this table reveals an oriental technique to identify the sex of the baby. Follow the instructions below and find out what will be your baby!


A scientific study published in 2010 evaluated the chances of success of the Chinese table based on the lunar calendar. The conclusion of the researchers was that the table has the same average success rate as all other sympathies, which is around 50%.

You will have access to the Chinese table on the internet, however, there will be several models available. Therefore, it is important that you make sure that it is true. Do the search in reliable sources, observe the comments and make a research about its references to be absolutely sure that it follows the model found.


This is the kind of sympathy that there is no need to have ingredients like food or objects at hand. In this case, you will only need the Chinese table and information like your age and the date of conception of the baby, the other data will be discovered by following the method below.

How to do

To make the sympathy with the Chinese table, you need to find out your lunar age. To get it is very simple, you just need to add the age you were when you got pregnant with 1. For example, if the pregnancy had happened when you were 27, your lunar age would be 28. This sum is not valid only for those who were born in January or February.

Another key figure to find out is the month in which the baby will be conceived. Ask your gynaecologist for this information, she will know how to calculate from your last menstrual period and ultrasounds.

Now just look in the table, look for your lunar age on the horizontal line at the top of the table and the month of conception is on the vertical line to the left of it. Identify your coordinate and check if it is a boy or a girl.

Sympathy to know what will be the baby by the palm of your hand

Through the practice of palmistry is performed the reading of your palm. It is then made an analysis of the lines of the hands and is predicted your future from this reading. The same can be done in the sympathy to know what will be the baby by the palm of your hand, find out how in the following reading!


The palmists analyze the characteristics of people's hands in order to perceive the individualities in the traits. Thus they can define the personality and predict future events.

This ancient knowledge spread around the world through the gypsies and today can be used even to find out what will be your baby. To perform this sympathy, it will be necessary to do it without communicating the pregnant woman, because if she knows, it may negatively influence the final result.


Unlike all the other sympathies, in this case you will need an expert in palmistry. Remember to talk to her about your motives and try to agree with the palm reader not to reveal the intention of the reading to the pregnant woman. Once everything is settled between you, just proceed with the plan.

How to do

The first challenge in performing this sympathy will be to convince your wife to do the hand reading without her realizing the real reason. Upon reaching the palmist, observe how your wife will offer her hand to her.

If she shows the palm up, the baby will be a boy; if the hand is palmed down, it indicates that it will be a girl.

Sympathy to know what will be the baby with thread on the needle

The sympathy to know what will be the baby with the wire in the needle follows a similar logic to the ring, using the principles of anesthesia. To identify the sex of the baby you need to analyze the movements of the needle. Follow the entire step by step and perform this sympathy yourself!


When you perform the movement of radiestesy, remember to remove any other metal that is near you. If the needle and thread have been used before, try to buy them again, because the energy accumulated in these objects may harm the result of your sympathy.


You will need to separate the following items for the realization of the sympathy with thread in the needle.Check it out:

- New needle;

- Thread to put in the needle.

How to do

When performing the test, you will first need to position yourself with your belly up, so find a comfortable place for the pregnant woman to lie down. Then, take the needle and place the thread on it. Then, just release the needle hanging over your belly and let it make a pendulum-like motion.

To find out what the baby will be, you should keep an eye on the movement of the needle. If the needle goes round in circles the baby is a girl, if it makes a straight back and forth movement under the belly, the baby will be a boy.

Can I do more than one sympathy to know what the baby will be?

There are several techniques and tests that promise to find out what the baby will be. They are very popular and are used as a resource for those pregnant women who do not want to resort to ultrasound exams. Some of these techniques are the sympathies, and they have proven to be very powerful in all aspects of life.

You can put into practice simpler sympathies like the one with the hair and the ring or the one with the needle, but you can also use more advanced techniques like the palm reader and the Chinese table. However, their results will only be right if you follow all the recommendations.

Remember that although these sympathies are widespread in the world, they are based only on popular beliefs. Many of them do not have any kind of scientific evidence. Therefore, applying them may have a margin of error in the result, which will surprise you at the birth of the child.

All medical monitoring in this phase of pregnancy is important. It is through this monitoring that you will be sure of your health and the health of your baby. Therefore, despite performing the sympathies to know what the baby will be, it is also advisable that you routinely perform the consultations and do the ultrasound.

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