Exhaustion: meaning, causes, symptoms, how to prevent and more!

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Jennifer Sherman

What is exhaustion?

Many people keep to their daily routines and this can cause exhaustion that intensifies as time goes by. The mind wears down and causes physical exhaustion. Certain worries also take over this process and the individual is carried away by them.

Work, bills, children, a problem with the plumbing, and so on: the mind gets overloaded and the body reflects until it can't take it anymore. This can result in serious consequences, such as exhaustion, and therefore needs a certain amount of care. Read the article to understand the meaning of exhaustion and its various processes!

Meaning of exhaustion

Exhaustion can be defined according to the traditional principle of stress, and can be divided into three basic levels: alertness, restructuring and exhaustion. As a result, it is transformed into negative thoughts, demotivation, insomnia, irritation, headaches, etc.

With the level of wear and tear accentuated, it will become something constant and widespread. It is also possible to identify this wear and tear on someone, mainly by the way it presents itself. Keep reading the article to understand the specifics of burnout!

Exhaustion and burnout

Burnout is caused by extreme exhaustion and can be defined as a psychological disorder. It is usually linked to the work processes of an individual and is also called "burnout syndrome". It drastically affects other areas of life and needs treatment.

Thus, the accumulation of stress intensifies and causes emotional tension. Burnout can develop in people who are in certain positions in the professional environment and who live under pressure. Teachers, doctors and even communication professionals can develop this syndrome.

Exhaustion and stress

The stress that is prolonged can turn into exhaustion, besides showing exhaustion. Several factors can be linked, mainly because demotivation can be present in this tiring process. The lack of rest can result in this diagnosis, also causing lack of energy.

Thus, without the help of a professional, exhaustion and stress can worsen a person's health. The elevation and prolongation indicate an unfavorable level, with the need for a doctor and their proper treatments. There are studies that show that just 5 minutes can affect someone and their immune system for 10 hours.

Different from tiredness

Exhaustion differs from tiredness, mainly because it is the highest in this process. Tiredness has a momentary characterization, and it can be simple and with an effective relaxation. Necessary hours and a good sleep can solve it, not needing a specific treatment.

On the other hand, exhaustion can only be eliminated after a diagnosis and its treatments for a certain period of time. With greater wear, it has its purpose turned to something constant. The treatments must be assisted by a doctor, in addition to the identification of the level and its indications.

Causes of burnout

With increasingly tiring days, some problems can intensify, causing exhaustion that has built up over time. Work, stressful routines and emotions are all part of a process that has worn on and on and gotten out of control.

When this problem is not given attention, it can overwhelm an individual to the point of total lack of control. As it develops silently and slowly, it can be difficult to identify. Thus, attention must be redoubled and not ignored, with the purpose of changing the situation. Read the following topics to learn a little more about the issues involved in thisprocess!

Volume of work

Excessive work can make some decisions difficult and cause exhaustion. Therefore, the high demand, the demands and the acceleration of some activities result in people overloaded and with an accumulation of stress. Certain judgments also enter into this issue, especially if it is an individual who is very demanding.

So, to control or treat this exhaustion, it is necessary to make the uncomfortable issues viable and seek a professional. Everything will only be resolved in the face of the issues raised, in addition to the levels that have been accumulating and causing these internal discomforts. Developing first in the mind, it is reflected in the physical body.

Period of mental stimulation

Mental stimulation needs to be developed with activation of the nervous system, in addition to clarity of the problems that are causing the exhaustion. The brain needs to be understood, with the need to be the center of all resolutions. This accumulation must be studied with effective methodologies.

Thus, many everyday things can cause this wear and tear, especially when it is ignored or not identified. Besides being able to get worse, it can also cause serious damage to the individual. The monitoring before a professional should be prioritized, aiming at mental and physical health.

Excess of information

Too much information can cause an unnecessary build-up, with exhaustion becoming more and more intense. Keeping informed is important, but it's not good to absorb issues that can cause stress or anxiety.

To control this problem, one must determine issues and prioritize only what will not cause any drastic harm. Otherwise, disability and emotional overload can develop in an uncontrolled, silent and aggravating manner. Thus, selectivity must be enforced and only with the consummation of what is necessary.

Stressful routine

A stressful routine causes tension and exhaustion, in addition to developing other problems. Internal, personal, and professional charges enter into this issue, especially when it is possible to identify a person who is a perfectionist.

However, there are methods that should be followed for the practice of a healthier routine, besides the monitoring of a professional in severe cases. This possibility should not be ignored, in view of the worsening and intensification of the problem that affects many people.

Emotional condition

To avoid exhaustion, the emotional condition must be treated with great caution, mainly aiming at the power that the imbalance of this process can result. Unforeseen events can mess a lot with this system of the human body, besides a resolution that may seem impossible for the moment

However difficult it may be, calm must be established, for the brain to go into solver mode and in order to solve such an impasse. It should be handled calmly and carefully, because the main role of this process is to keep a person mentally healthy. Therefore, stimuli and methods should be evaluated.

Symptoms of burnout

When some activities become tiring and with difficult resolutions, some symptoms of exhaustion can be identified. That which, before, was done in a simple way and by routine, today, demands a certain effort and even non-fulfillment.

Thus, insomnia, irritability, lack of motivation, physical and mental fatigue and difficulty to ration can be some of the symptoms caused by the accumulation of exhaustion. When the overload begins to give the signs, it requires a certain attention and solution. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the processes of the mind and body. Continue reading the article to understand the symptoms of this problem!


Exhaustion can cause insomnia, given that the individual is at his maximum level of overload. Some obligations and demands may come, causing him to feel pressured and not be able to rest enough.

Thus, a restless and brief sleep can justify how someone can't focus on full rest, besides not having the energy to solve something. More than that, the individual can wake up more exhausted than before and not perform well their day to day functions.


When it comes to irritability, it is possible to identify a person at their most overwhelmed and exhausted, so it is normal for them to feel out of control, sensitive, and see disapproving attitudes towards them. They may even lose self-control.

Thus, if the problem gets worse over time, you should seek professional help. Only the help of a doctor, the person will be able to solve this impasse, besides benefiting their sociability process. More than that, trying to maintain self-care is also a way to manage.

Physical fatigue

The physical fatigue can be reflected in an individual with a high degree of exhaustion, mainly because his mind is overloaded. Being aggravated, he will reach his limit and will not have control over his own body. Thus, some other alterations can be evidenced, crying for help.

A good part of the population is affected with exhaustion, showing more and more that some activities can cause this exhaustion, which only intensifies with time, besides drastically changing the routine. There are methods that can combat this process, aiming the improvement and well-being.

Frequent forgetfulness

When a person's mind goes haywire with forgetfulness, they need to watch out for the exhaustion process, especially when there is the possibility of it becoming a routine thing. Anxiety also comes into this issue, with it developing frequently and intensely.

Thus, to try to ease this process, the individual should seek a doctor, taking into account that he/she will indicate some activities that will stimulate the brain. Excessive worrying can also aggravate this symptom, because the person may feel pressured by some situation.

Lack of motivation

Demotivation only appears when a person is at a high level of exhaustion, and may even affect other segments of his body. If, before, there was that energy to develop some activity or task, now the person can not do the minimum.

Worryingly, this can worsen, making her feel paralyzed in a process of difficult resolution. If this process is ignored or prolonged, serious damage can be visualized and without control of the problem. Therefore, a qualified professional should be inserted, aiming at the patient's improvement.

Affective detachment

It can cause a certain loneliness, the emotional detachment can intensify until it gets out of control. Exhaustion takes over silently, making this person unable to develop feelings essential to the enrichment of his life.

Thus, a follow-up should be done before a doctor, because the solution can only be established by him with the continuation of some activities for social interaction. As difficult as it is to get out of this situation, an effort should be made so that this problem does not drastically affect the individual's life.

Difficulty in reasoning

The reasoning difficulty is a problem of exhaustion that can result in a rational difficulty, affecting a person and the efforts they have to reach a conclusion. Thus, the indicated is to practice some activities that will play a stimulus for the brain.

In this way, the overload will be fed in a harmful way until the total exhaustion of the mind. A follow up is the most indicated, having in mind that the professional will diagnose with more accuracy, besides passing the effective methods for the good functioning.

How to prevent exhaustion

In order to revert a certain degree of exhaustion or to prevent against it, the individual must practice a series of activities that will ease this problem. Stress is culminated by a prolonged process and it will intensify, so that it can result in something more serious.

Moreover, it is normal for people to be affected by these symptoms, but some may find themselves at more complicated levels. So, learn more about how to act in the face of this diagnosis with the following topics!

Setting Priority

Whether it is about something urgent or not, the priority setting should be set before the practical and effective principle. The pressure one receives in front of a function or activity may cause exhaustion, but one should stand firm and take the first step to deliver his best as soon as possible.

Thus, organization should be established for the best resolution, and it should be marked with a task. Putting something on a level of urgency will make you prioritize that to deliver accurately. In addition, asking for help can also be a collaborative process, aiming for two insights to intensify clarity.

Eating well

There are some foods that can improve and eliminate exhaustion, in light of the fact that a nutritionist should be sought out. A centered definition of what to do is key, because strengthening needs to be through food.

The banana, for example, is full of vitamin B6 and has great nutritional prescriptions. Other elements, such as green leaves should be prioritized, in view of the fact that they contribute to energy. Avocado is a food full of protein, which should be integrated into a healthy diet, in addition to the well-being that will be acquired.

Moving the body

Some attitudes should be taken for the better functioning of the body, especially when it is at a high level of exhaustion. Physical activities should be imposed in the routine of a person who finds himself in this unfavorable process, aiming at his well-being.

Thus, running, walking, activities in a gym or even a sport to practice in order to strengthen the body against exhaustion problems are great options. Riding a bike is also good, because the body will stay active during the period, with great stimuli caused by the activity.

Looking for a professional

Faced with attempts used to fight exhaustion and which did not have any positive perception, the individual will need to look for a qualified professional, considering that the help will collaborate to the process.

Thus, with imposed activities and methods, he will prescribe things that will eliminate this problem, enabling the individual to restore it, besides a follow-up that will be necessary. Nothing should be done without his guidance, because the process can be interrupted and affected.

Enjoying small pleasures

Enjoying certain moments can make a person get rid of exhaustion, causing a well-being, which will be healthy for their healing process. An outing with friends, a family gathering and even a moment in full company will make this problem go away.

However, it doesn't necessarily have to be something elaborate, since the purpose is to relax and get comfortable in something simple. Effortless activities can be well enjoyed, especially since they will bring the freedom and peace you need.

What is the risk of exhaustion?

The exhaustion can cause some risks, mainly because it develops through some weaknesses of the body and mind. Thus, it can drastically affect a person, resulting in some problems of anxiety, stress, exhaustion and mental fatigue. Looking for a professional is the most indicated, because he will diagnose, prescribe activities and beneficial processes.

Specifically, burnout can be triggered by excessive demands at work, which can lead to worry about not being resolved. As it is something that develops silently, it can intensify if it is ignored or not identified.

Therefore, it needs to have rest, attention and caution, aiming at the solution of this impasse. In more serious situations, the individual should not ignore the consultation with a specialist.

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