Justice in Tarot: fundamentals, meaning, history, love and more!

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Jennifer Sherman

What does the card Justice mean in Tarot?

The Justice card in the Tarot serves as a warning. Through it, you are asked to have more wisdom and caution to think about life situations, so that the decisions arising from these reflections are taken in a coherent and correct way.

It can also be said that the card Justice in the Tarot is a representation of karma in our lives. This is because all the decisions that are made at this time will have consequences in your future and, therefore, you must be careful with your choices and not exaggerate, always trying to be fair.

This card points out that you need to make wiser decisions, because choices will be part of the process anyway, and thus you will have the power to show responsibility in front of your attitudes. To learn more about Justice in Tarot, continue reading the article.

Basics of the card Justice in Tarot

The main fundamentals of the Tarot card Justice are about the search for self-knowledge. By understanding all sides of the same situation you can understand more clearly and harmoniously the events.

One of the most important points stressed through this chart concerns the fair attitudes that should be taken in all situations, because you must keep in mind that they can turn against you.

Justice in the Tarot points to a moment in which you have a reckoning with destiny, and which is related to something you left open in your past lives. Thus, it can be considered as a karmic event which appears in this life so that you do not make the same mistakes again.

To better understand the interpretations about this letter, check out more details about its history and iconography.


The representation of the card The Justice in the Tarot shows a woman who appears holding a scale and a sword in her hands. The date of this representation comes from a fairly remote period of Roman art. Throughout the first part of the Middle Ages, the sword and scale came to be attributed to the Archangel Michael.

Also known as Michael or Saint Michael, he inherited these functions from the subterranean Osiris, the weigher of souls. These elements, after some time, were attributed to the lady who appears in the Tarot images.


The iconography of the Arcane VIII followed with great fidelity the artistic tradition of that time. The sword and the scales that appear in the images, for Aristotle, were elements that spoke about justice.

The scale is directly connected to the ability to distribute. The sword, in turn, speaks to the mission of balance attributed to her. Unlike the allegories inspired by the Greek Temis, the Justice who appears through the Tarot cards does not have her eyes covered with a blindfold.

Meanings of the card Justice in Tarot

The card Justice can bring several meanings, firstly linked to the representation of the image of a woman sitting on a throne. This shows that she has a position of power.

The two elements carried by this woman are responsible for the sentences that the card discusses, as well as for their application. By showing negative situations, Justice may also be warning about injustices that will be suffered by the person.

Thus, the chart opens space for analysis regarding the people around you and the situations that can cause you some harm. In this way, it is notable the need for a deeper reflection on the various aspects that it can cover. Check more about this below.


Justice says a lot about our actions and the way we determine something. Through the laws, also represented by this card, we have the necessary free will to make our decisions based on what we believe. As much as this practice is something free, it is necessary to consider karmic issues.

All good that is done, will return to the person who did it, and the same is applied to bad things. All bad things done to other people, will return to you through karma. So this aspect of the chart alerts you to how we make our decisions.


The balance shown in the Justice card is present through the symbolism of the sword, which appears in one of the hands of the woman in the image, is responsible for bringing this aspect. Thus, decisions must be weighed considering all sides of situations.

Thus, the letter exposes that it is necessary not only to make decisions, but also to understand that there is the need for these decisions to be analyzed according to the benefits and harm that they may cause to oneself and to others, so that there is the search for balance in attitudes.

Weighing up wisely

The letter of Justice asks for deep thought in the face of future decisions. It is necessary to ponder and reflect on them. Through the warnings that are given by this letter, it also shows the need to think long and hard before taking any step.

Wisdom is essential to make decisions that can affect you and others. In this process, the search for self-knowledge will be essential for you to be able to ponder based on several different sides of the same story.

The reason

The power of reason will be necessary to evaluate the issues which will lead you to a final decision. Also, the ethics involved in this process will enable you to find the true balance shown by the scales and the sword in the image.

This can be a painful process, in which guilt and regret can take over if you don't evaluate situations in a deeper way. To do this, you need to keep yourself in the center, with a greater perception of situations, so that each gesture and decision making is in accordance with what you carry within you.

The Tarot Card Justice in Love

In love, the card The Justice calls for more reflection. This is a time to keep things more in the realm of thought, to understand what you want, and if what you are already living at the moment is in fact in accordance with what you seek.

The letter also serves as a warning to other points, which may serve absolutely no purpose in the relationship itself, and are taking up unnecessary space and may even cause problems for you. It is important to let go of things that no longer serve and do not suit your life.

The interpretations can also make room for those who are not living a relationship for two. The search for this meeting can also be noted through the analyses regarding this card in a very positive way. Check more details below.

For the committed

To those who are engaged, the letter to Justice serves as a warning that it is necessary to be more careful with this relationship. To make room for meaningless excuses and unnecessary fights is to deliver the relationship to a totally dark side.

For a good relationship, you need to understand your partner without them being judged prematurely for something. Understanding the importance of these aspects is essential to maintain a good relationship in this period. This will prevent the two of you from experiencing chaos and misunderstandings.

For singles

For those who are single, the chart shows that this is a propitious moment to meet someone who will add to your life. This is because Justice indicates that you are in an excellent moment as regards your critical sense and will take the necessary care to choose a partner according to your worldview.

If a special person comes along during this process, you need to be more careful how you judge them. Careful with your words and how things are said is essential. This time is important for you to build something of value for your future.

Tarot Justice at work

The card The Justice can appear in the game as a way to alert you to some points that are more important to you, and that need attention. In this case, work shows itself as something central in your life, and that requires specific care.

One way to see the alerts in this letter is to understand that you may be performing tasks that may need to be viewed from a different vantage point.

In the following topics, we will point out some of the reasons why you need to keep your focus at this time to understand what needs to be changed or evaluated. This also applies to people who are looking for opportunities, as the chart also makes revelations in this regard. Check it out.

For employees

The card Justice shows that it is possible that you may have to face some complicated decisions in your work environment. However, it is important to always bear in mind that there is a need to analyze and understand a whole situation before any decision is taken so that injustices are not committed.

Thus this chart carries important warning that the situation which awaits you may be about your own performance or the performance of your colleagues. So your action will have to be just as fair. Seek to understand before you judge something as right or wrong.

For unemployed persons

For those who are unemployed, the sign Justice brings a different view of the situation. This will be an important time in your life and you need to have a good understanding of the offers that will be made to you. The decision for a new job that will appear in your life must be made carefully.

In the job interview, you need to be a little more careful about how you project yourself to the people who are going to analyze you. Thus, you need to print the right impression about yourself and avoid generating distorted views. Promises that cannot be fulfilled should not be offered.

A little more about the Tarot Card Justice

The letter Justice speaks about aspects of ethics in general. All decisions must be in accordance with your ethical thoughts and must not hurt these issues as the consequences can be very serious.

Your virtues should be prioritized and never left aside for irrefutable proposals that may come your way. There must be a balance between your needs and the law. To hurt these aspects is to hurt yourself in the near future, and you can be sure that these attitudes will be charged.

Although it is a card that also aims to judge a decision and a situation, these issues are all resolved based on real actions, not just appearance. So be realistic. Check below some of the circumstances that can influence the reading of this card.

Inverted card

When Justice is seen reversed in a draught, it shows dishonest attitudes, which may be being committed against the consulent or against other people. It also reveals about a certain unwillingness to understand deeper issues connected to a specific situation.

The inverted card may also represent a lack of understanding about yourself in life. Another indication brought about by Justice in this position is the question of acceptance of the responsibilities assigned to you. You are trying to shirk them and blame these mistakes on other people.

In print

Coming out in your draught, the card The Justice can show that you are being treated unfairly by some people in certain situations. However, there is also the indication that you may be failing to accept that you have responsibility in some matters and are running away from them.

Knowing that you have done something inappropriate, and taking responsibility for it, is the best way to resolve the obstacles mentioned. However, this chart shows that you may be avoiding taking this stance, even though you know what you have done was wrong. Holding this on your conscience may be weighing you down even more.


Justice can show itself as a cold and direct card in its meanings. In general, it exposes what we must decide in our lives, taking into consideration only what is tangible and real in this process of choice.

Therefore, we can consider that, when we see this card in the Tarot drawing, the best attitude is to act with other people as we would like them to act with us.

Remember that the way you treat people can turn against you, so you need to take responsibility for your actions as a way of taking the first step towards resolving something. If you want to receive love and good fruits, you need to distribute the same to people.

Justice is charging me with a reckoning?

The card Justice has as its central point the definition of situations. Thus, a settlement of accounts is essential to have the resolution of something. This type of scenario, as shown in the card, can be something brought from other lives and have a connection with a karmic situation that must be finalized.

In this way, you need to understand that all your actions will have an impact, whether now or in other lifetimes. To do this, you need to pay a little more attention to what the chart is saying about your decisions, which must be taken correctly and responsibly.

The same mistakes that were made at other times should not be reinforced now. Being careful with your actions and decisions will ensure that you do not make them again.

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