What are the qualities and defects of the signs? Find out now!

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Jennifer Sherman

What are the qualities and defects of the signs?

Just like everything in life has its positive and negative side, quality and defect, with the signs it would be no different, they all have qualities and defects. They can also be called dark or shadow side, when referring to the negative side of each sign and are not often mentioned in horoscopes.

As much as these more negative characteristics are not pleasant, they are part of the personality of the human being. What can be done is to work this side to evolve and be a better person like self-knowledge, however, it is not an easy and fast process.

The qualities and defects, the positive and negative are manifested in thoughts, feelings, attitudes and morals, observe your behaviors and what can be improved. Discover in the next topics the qualities and defects of all zodiac signs!

Qualities and defects of Aries

Aries is a sign of the fire element and is ruled by the planet Mars, having similar characteristics and influences that can be used for something good or for something bad. See below the general characteristics, qualities and defects of the sign of Aries.

General features of Aries

Aries is a cardinal sign and because they have characteristics and energy of action and war, the person of this sign is hardworking, energetic, is always in motion and does not stop until they achieve their goals and objectives. Besides impulsiveness, they are also very brave, lively and passionate.

Aries is also a sign that likes adrenaline, adventure and to do new things in life, not afraid of challenges and are willing to do anything. They are easily irritated and therefore it is better to work alone.

Qualities of Aries

Aries people, or Aryans, have a spirit of leadership, which makes them entrepreneurs or occupy leadership positions, leadership or governance in work environments. It is that person who will want to motivate their employees to beat goals and to always be surpassing themselves.

With all this energy they have, they need to be always on the move, whether working, traveling, hanging out with friends or playing some sport. Besides that, they are friends who will be calling you to do something, they are passionate and usually have high libido.

Defects of Aries

One of the defects of the sign of Aries is impulsiveness, the Arian takes actions and makes choices without thinking right, which can lead to problems and rash attitudes. Another defect is nervousness, which makes the individual who can only see the problems and the negative side of things and life.

Impatience and selfishness are predominant characteristics in this shadow side of the sign, Aries doesn't like to wait and thinks he is more important than others. He can also be more aggressive, authoritarian and complains a lot, causing fear and distancing people.

Taurus qualities and defects

Taurus is a sign of the earth element, ruled by the planet Venus and appreciates earthly pleasures, luxury, money, arts and is jealous and possessive. See below the general characteristics, qualities and defects of the sign of Taurus.

Taurus General Features

Taurus is a fixed sign which enjoys earthly pleasures as it is more connected with the earth and life in matter, and appreciates the arts and pleasures of the flesh. It organizes its material goods and finances well, likes stability and has difficulty adapting to change.

Taureans usually do things in their own time, slowly and steadily, because they are very patient and visionary as well. Taureans are hardly irritated, they do not like to fight and prefer to solve problems through dialogue or just disappear.

Taurus Qualities

People of the sign of Taurus are calmer and more persistent, they stick to their goals until they get what they want, even if it takes a long time. They can conquer things and do activities with less haste and more caution because they value security in everything in life.

ruled by Venus, these people are more gentle, affectionate, faithful lovers and romantic, their relationships, as well as everything in their lives, need to have a routine too. Sex is very important and very well appreciated by Taureans, they are usually good in bed and cherish mutual pleasure.

Taurus Defects

One of the faults of the Taurus sign is stubbornness, that hardheaded person who does not change his mind for anything, even if he is wrong. He tends to be lazy, procrastinates in all the tasks he needs to do, delays to start any project and also gets carried away by gluttony.

Another fault of this sign is that the individual is controlling and possessive, for fear of losing control and security of his life and relationships. Therefore, you must be careful not to end up having toxic and abusive attitudes with the people with whom he relates.

Qualities and faults of Gemini

Gemini is a sign of the air element, ruled by the planet Mercury and is a totally mental sign that values knowledge and exchange of information. See below the general characteristics, qualities and defects of the sign of Gemini.

Gemini General Features

Gemini is a changeable sign, because it is of the air element, it is mental and communicative, however it is more communicative. Even though it needs to be stimulating the mind with activities and studies, it likes to talk, exchange information, have new experiences, meet new people and create new friendships.

The sign of Gemini is curious and likes its freedom. To avoid conflicts, it tends to agree with what the person says, or, if the sign is well positioned in the horoscope, defends its side with conviction and does not like to be contradicted.

Gemini Qualities

Gemini people are usually curious, humorous, enjoy new knowledge and discovering new things. These characteristics are great for training new scientists, teachers, writers, advertising or other fields that use intellect and communication.

They are also very versatile, so Gemini people are able to adapt to different situations and relationships. This changeable quality means that Gemini people are always looking for new challenges, experiences and learning.

Gemini Defects

The versatility of the sign of Gemini can make a person to be untruthful and not have a definite position on any subject. The Gemini needs to learn to collect the information correctly and make a decision, however difficult it may be with his restless mind.

The loss of focus and the dispersion of thoughts are other defects of this sign, too much information ends up bewildering the Gemini's mind, leaving it confused or disconnected from what is happening. When it is not dispersed, it is hyperactive, doing many things at the same time, however, they do not conclude anything and do not do what they promise.

Qualities and faults of Cancer

Cancer is a sign of the water element, ruled by the Moon and is a very sensitive and emotional sign that values its family and love relationships. See below the general characteristics, qualities and defects of the sign of Cancer.

General features of Cancer

Cancer is a cardinal sign that has a great attachment to their family members and feelings from the past, which ends up taking melancholic postures from time to time. They act by intuition and feelings, plotting strategic goals to achieve their objectives.

For the Cancer sign, family can also be your friendships, so if you consider your friends to be family, you tend to spend a lot more time with them as well. They like to feel welcome and welcome in the homes of relatives.

Cancer Qualities

The sign of Cancer naturally has an energy and instinct more maternal or paternal, so it is very careful with the people it loves, especially with children and parents, likes to feel and transmit security. It also has a sharp intuition because it is a sign of the water element.

In love, it is a romantic and loyal sign, likes to take good care of their partners and cannot stand lies. Creativity flows easier for a Cancerian as the sign is of the element water, which brings fluidity, creativity and sensitivity, everything an artist needs to make his arts.

Cancer Defects

Drama is a Cancerian's strongest characteristic when something doesn't go as expected or when a person doesn't give them enough attention. Along with neediness, they become jealous and possessive, make a lot of drama and can play the poor guy to manipulate people emotionally.

Cancerians are very sensitive and emotional, they are easily angered and hold grudges, despite the image of innocence and gentleness. They are very insecure and have difficulties trusting themselves and believing in their potential.

Leo qualities and defects

Leo is a sign of the fire element, ruled by the Sun and is a very proud sign, humorous, vain and likes to be the center of attention. See below the general characteristics, qualities and defects of the sign of Leo.

Lion General Features

Leo is a fixed sign that stands out for its vanity, self-esteem, energy, good humor and determination. Being a sun sign, it likes to receive attention and compliments, they are very charismatic, faithful and true friends and can turn their back if the person is a liar.

The sign of Leo, when in love, tends to give themselves to their partner by giving gifts, pampering, lots of affection, big surprises or helping the person to achieve their goals just to see them happy. Moreover, they are brave and are not afraid to face the challenges of everyday life.

Leo Qualities

Besides being super romantic, attentive and dedicated, they like to pamper their romantic partners, to see them happy, and Leo men are considered one of the best signs in sex. As much as they can be egocentric, it is the most generous sign of the zodiac.

People of the sign of Leo are very fair and noble in character, they prefer to speak and hear the truth rather than create more problems with lies, they always keep their words and hardly ever go back on them. They are naturally independent, want to solve everything by themselves and strive to have their own freedom.

Leo Defects

The sign of Leo is self-centered, likes to show off, has a big nose and can treat other people with inferiority and indifference. If they get hurt, they pretend the person doesn't exist, they don't pay attention, it is not characteristic of this sign to get into unnecessary fights to be disliked afterwards.

He is very proud and stubborn, he thinks he is always right, that he is never wrong, he will hardly accept that he is wrong until he suffers the consequences or breaks his face. Besides, he feels the need to be spoiled, loved, praised by people, because the lack of attention and affection speak louder.

Virgo qualities and defects

Virgo is a sign of the earth element, ruled by the planet Mercury and it is a very centered, organized, practical, observant and accurate sign. See below the general characteristics, qualities and defects of the sign of Virgo.

Virgo General Features

Virgo is a mutable sign that likes to do everything perfectly or in the best way possible, always correct, methodical and organized. These characteristics make the Virgoan expect other people to be like that too and criticize if something has not been done in the right way.

The sign of Virgo is objective and has the ability to identify details that end up going unnoticed by others. However, they tend to underestimate their efforts by being self-charging and self-critical.

Virgo qualities

People of the sign of Virgo tend to have a mediumship of physical healing and a greater approach to spiritualistic practices and visions. They are flexible and adapt more easily to situations and environments, which ends up bringing more advantage during the day to day.

They are good workers and like to feel useful to people and society, they feel good to have their efforts and projects recognized. Most Virgo characteristics are great for the work environment or to be the owner of your own company, avoiding criticism that is not constructive and perfectionism.

Defects of Virgo

Virgoans are very bossy, extremely critical, they fight for anything that is out of place. They like to look for something that may be wrong to criticize and then give a solution, they are exaggerated in the implication with other people and everything needs to be in the order they think is best.

All these characteristics tend to make Virgoans perfectionists, so projects and goals tend to take time to be completed because they are not good enough. Therefore, they end up getting irritated more easily with small and superfluous things and snob other people, thinking they are superior and correct.

Libra qualities and defects

Libra is a sign of the air element, ruled by the planet Venus and is a sensitive, elegant, vain, diplomatic, loyal and guided by a sense of justice. See below the general characteristics, qualities and defects of the sign of Libra.

General features of Libra

Libra is a cardinal sign that values honesty and justice, does not like to take sides and will not defend a friend no matter how wrong they are, the truth is the most important thing. However, their sensitivity gets in the way of their sense of justice, avoiding conflicts and becoming indecisive, not knowing what to do.

The person of the sign of Libra is elegant and passionate, likes to flirt and always feel that feeling of butterflies in the stomach with a new love. It is a sign that needs to learn to be more rational and not be influenced by just anyone.

Libra qualities

Librians are emotionally more delicate and sensitive people who need to seek balance, avoid unnecessary fights and conflicts and sometimes are mediators in some situations. The sign of Libra is more focused on relationships and social situations to resolve conflicts.

They are also very elegant and sensual people, they like to live many loves and fall in love easily. When they enter into a serious relationship, they are faithful, romantic, good listeners and try to understand better what their partners are saying and feeling.

Libra Defects

People of the sign of Libra are more anxious, chatty and indecisive. They have difficulty saying "no", are passive, afraid of hurting other people and are very nice, becoming easy targets for manipulation, especially in love and social relationships.

This attitude of prioritizing the opinion and desires of others erases the own wills and positions of the Librians, they give too much and forget about themselves. Moreover, they are the most vain of the zodiac, they need to be always beautiful, smelling, impeccable and pass a beautiful and even sensual image.

Scorpio qualities and defects

Scorpio is a sign of the water element, ruled by the planet Pluto and it is a sensitive, deep, mysterious and sexual sign, linked to self-healing and emotional self-control. See below the general characteristics, qualities and defects of the sign of Scorpio.

General features of Scorpio

Scorpio is a fixed sign that is driven by emotions, falls in love easily, feelings are deep and is one of the best signs in sex. Scorpios can be obsessed with something or be disinterested, if something does not please him or feels that he has lost control over it, will leave aside.

The person of the sign of Scorpio needs to be careful with the way he communicates, acts and reacts to situations that are unpleasant. The human being has no control over people and what happens externally, so the Scorpio needs to learn to stop wanting to have control over everything.

Scorpio qualities

Scorpios have the ability to see things beyond what was said, what is hidden between the lines, thanks to their strong intuition and capacity of observation. Naturally they have a strong magnetism that attracts the truth to themselves, so they end up discovering lies and secrets even if they don't want to, especially if the person has the moon in this sign.

In the face of adversity and challenges, they have the ability to reinvent themselves and overcome obstacles. The memory of the person of this sign is one of the best of the zodiac, they never forget everything they did good or bad, this can be positive or negative for the person.

Scorpio Defects

The sign of Scorpio is the most vengeful and spiteful of the zodiac, if someone has done something wrong to the person of this sign, it may be years, however, will remember everything that was done and will want revenge, especially if the person does not apologize and assume the mistake they made.

They are very suspicious, fanatical, manipulative and like to play the victim to get what they want, they have a sharp tongue. Moreover, the person of the sign of Scorpio tends to be sadistic and sexually obsessive, which can make this person unfaithful, cheating on their love partners.

Qualities and faults of Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a sign of the fire element, ruled by the planet Jupiter and is an extroverted sign, humorous, studious, detached and connected to travel and philosophy. See below the general characteristics, qualities and defects of the sign of Sagittarius.

This freedom of the sign of Sagittarius makes the individual become irresponsible and run away from his responsibilities. In love relationships, the Sagittarian needs to find someone who is also detached and to have affective responsibility.

Sagittarius general features

Sagittarians need to be on the move, to know new things, they are very adventurous and it is common to see a Sagittarian going to various places and calling his friends to do something different together. It is a changeable sign, they are great friends, but they are discreet and avoid talking details about their life.

Sagittarius qualities

Sagittarians have a more positive outlook on life than other people, one that focuses on opportunities and good things that a situation can bring, however negative it may be. They like to make jokes even when it is not the right time and have good humor.

They are always studying and wanting to meet people, cultures and new places, they like to have new experiences and value living life with intensity, they prefer to regret having done something than to have stood still. They like freedom, travel and usually wonder about life.

Sagittarius Defects

People of the sign of Sagittarius are proud, they think they own the truth and do not accept to be contradicted. They are also contradictory, they say one thing and then do another, they throw words to the wind and do not keep promises, their overbearing attitudes keep people away from their coexistence.

They are careless, end up getting hurt or getting into trouble because of immaturity. Also, when they are immature with their finances, they tend to spend money compulsively, without thinking whether they will have enough to get through the rest of the month or to do something else they want to do.

Qualities and faults of Capricorn

Capricorn is a sign of the earth element, ruled by the planet Saturn and is a practical, hardworking, down-to-earth sign that knows how to deal with finances and economy. See below the general characteristics, qualities and defects of the sign of Capricorn.

General features of Capricorn

Capricorn is a cardinal sign that values money, luxury, high social status and tends to be materialistic. In relationships it is a more closed individual, reserved, distant, for fear of opening up emotionally and getting hurt, so it has the famous image of being cold and unromantic.

The person of the sign of Capricorn is objective and direct in what he/she says, without convolutions. The Capricornian needs to learn to have more fun, dedicating his life only to work is harmful to mental health which, consequently, affects the physical body.

Qualities of Capricorn

In the work environment, it is the employee who makes the most effort and dedicates himself to his task, doing everything right, with organization and practicality, aiming to rise in position. He likes to walk his own path and knows that everything in life has its time and needs patience, order and discipline.

He passes the image of being calm and centered, has his feet on the ground and usually takes family and loved ones problems to solve. He seeks financial stability in his life and to move up in social class to enjoy life quietly, with more freedom and less worry.

Capricorn Defects

People of the sign of Capricorn are serious, authoritarian and moralistic, they don't like to waste time with something that is unproductive, hardly accept worldviews and ways of living life different from their own. Consequently they become addicted to work and tend to think that free time is a waste of time.

They are very calculating, ambitious and self-interested, their decisions, relationships and attitudes are thought about how they can benefit them. They think more than they act, are conceited, think a lot about money and become very avaricious, stingy and tight-fisted.

Aquarius qualities and faults

Aquarius is a sign of the air element, ruled by the planet Saturn and Uranus and is an independent sign, free, with different ways of thinking and innovative ideas. See below the general characteristics, qualities and defects of the sign of Aquarius.

Aquarium general features

Aquarius is a rebellious and contrary fixed sign, which likes to be different and runs away from everything that threatens its freedom and independence. Friendships are more important than love relationships but when it falls in love, it is faithful and detached, it can take its partner to do new things.

The person of the sign of Aquarius needs to have some time to reflect about themselves and about life. They are independent, adventurous, like adrenaline and are also questioning, some can even be radical, but it is not a rule.

Aquarius qualities

Creativity is a strong characteristic of Aquarians, so they are always giving new ideas for stories, creations and activities to do, either alone or in groups. They also favor technological, scientific and medicinal innovations, like to think outside the box and the limitations that society may impose, especially mental ones.

It is a more humanitarian and non-conformist sign, with the will to help society to evolve morally and to advance in all possible areas, especially technology. They end up getting involved in charitable activities and social projects, are supportive and respect differences more.

Aquarius Defects

If someone asks an Aquarian to do something, they will do something else, everything in reverse. Aquarians don't like to take orders because they think that anything will limit or hurt their freedom.

In addition, they are eccentric, they like to be original and different from others, they want to have unique characteristics and have difficulties in obeying the rules. They are insensitive and like to spend more time alone, rebellious, to contradict people and not to be contradicted.

Qualities and defects of Pisces

Pisces is a sign of the water element, ruled by the planet Neptune and is a sensitive, creative, intuitive sign that lives with his head in the clouds and acts with his heart. See below the general characteristics, qualities and defects of the sign of Pisces.

General features of Fish

The sign of Pisces is mutable, they follow their heart more than their reason, they live dreaming and would like their dreams to come true. Besides, they are more quiet, discreet and observant, picking up what is happening around them and understanding more about life and about themselves.

The person of the sign of Pisces is more connected to spirituality, is quiet and is always ready to help those in need. An ability that some Pisceans may have is to look directly into the eyes of another person and know how they feel and if they are lying.

Qualities of Pisces

People of the sign of Pisces are very empathic, have a very strong intuition and usually have a more open mediumship. They care about other people, especially if they are closer or more needy and can understand what they mean and what they feel through their empathy.

Pisces is a sign with a lot of creativity, with great aptitude to be artists, they live dreaming and idealizing things. Pisceans are very sensitive, romantic and affectionate, they fall in love easily, like to take good care of their partners and do everything to avoid fights.

Fish Defects

People of the sign of Pisces are the most procrastinators of the zodiac, they leave tasks and decisions to be made for later and spend more time of the day imagining situations that they would like to live, so they have difficulties and delay to realize their dreams.

In addition, they are very sensitive and emotional, with a tendency to have depression, repressing themselves, with difficulties to live the real life, passing an image of fragility and victimization. They are also naive, accommodated, emotionally dependent and have difficulties in establishing limits, being abused and manipulated more easily.

How to make the most of the qualities of my sign?

All signs of the Zodiac have two oppositions: positive and negative. These characteristics are part of every human being and are situations that happen naturally, even if they depend on each one's point of view. So, each one can analyze their faults and choose to act more on the positive side.

To make the most of the qualities of your sign, you just need to know what those qualities are and choose to act based on those characteristics. This way, you can become a better human being every day, surpass yourself and achieve goals and dreams more easily.

For example, a person of the sign of Pisces can work on his creativity and capacity to dream in order to live a happier and more fulfilled life, leaving procrastination aside. Another example is a person of the sign of Taurus, who can learn to enjoy material life in another way, being more charitable and without being materialistic and overly attached to the earth.

As an expert in the field of dreams, spirituality and esotericism, I am dedicated to helping others find the meaning in their dreams. Dreams are a powerful tool for understanding our subconscious minds and can offer valuable insights into our daily lives. My own journey into the world of dreams and spirituality began over 20 years ago, and since then I have studied extensively in these areas. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with others and helping them to connect with their spiritual selves.